Saving women from HPV

By: Saving women from HPV

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Saving women from HPV, the STD that leads to cervical cancer

Cervical cancer, known to be the third most frequent cancer in women worldwide, is developed from the increased propagation of high risk HPVs in the body.

But first of all, what is HPV? Dr. Clarissa Velayo, an obstetrician-gynecologist holding clinic at the Rockwell branch of Hi-Precision Diagnostics, explains: “HPV stands for the Human Papilloma Virus, of which there are more than 150 types found in the body. The virus was named after the warts (papillomas) that the benign HPVs cause. On the other hand, there are the hr-HPVs (high risk HPVs) that cause cancer. HPVs commonly infect the skin and lining of body cavities.”

HPV causes cells to divide faster and more than usual. In persistent hr-HPV infections, the virus can cause DNA damage and the proliferation of these abnormal cells lead to cancer. While HPV mainly causes cervical cancers, it may also develop into certain genital cancers in the vulva, vagina, penis, and anus, as well as in the throat and mouth.

HPV infection is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact. It is one of the three most common sexually transmitted infections along with gonorrhea and chlamydia. Dr. Velayo says, “The best ways to avoid contracting HPV are to get vaccinated and to avoid-skin-to-skin contact by not having sex or using a barrier method such as the condom, although the latter does not fully protect you from contracting HPV.”

Because early detection can spell the difference between life and death, it would be wise to take the HPV Genotyping Test, the first line primary screening for cervical cancer in most advanced countries.

Dr. Velayo says that HPV genotyping can detect HPV infection earlier than any other method so far. She continues: “It can detect at a stage when the virus is still replicating within the cell, which is before cellular transformation or changes occur, during which cytologically based methods (traditional papsmear and liquid cytology) can only start to detect them.”

The new FDA-approved HPV genotyping test is available at Hi-Precision Diagnostics, one of the country’s largest duly registered and accredited medical laboratories. Renowned for the quality of its services and results for over 23 years in the industry, HPD is trusted by thousands of doctors in the Philippines. Rapidly expanding with over 40 branches nationwide, HPD has been ISO 9001 certified and has been accredited to ISO 15189 to be able to deliver the highest quality standard of healthcare services.

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